Louisa Gators Registration Information (5-2-2021)

posted May 3, 2021, 1:01 PM by Louisa Gators Swim Team

Hello Gators!

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the beautiful weather.  I am excited to announce that the Gators will be returning to “The Swamp” (LCAF) this summer.  I do not have specific practice information or meet schedules at this time but will be sending out information as soon as possible.


This summer may look different due to COVID.  I am waiting on rules from LCPRT and JSL with regards to the number of swimmers per practice as well as whether spectators will be allowed into the facility.  However, in general I hope to run things as we have in the past. If that is the case, swimmers may attend one or both practices each day depending upon what works for the family schedule.


Hopefully, we will be practicing both morning & evenings as in the past.  We will continue to use the color groups to schedule practice time but specific times have not been established yet.  We hope to begin practice on Tuesday, June 1.  Returning swimmers should plan on attending whatever level they were at during the summer of 2019.  We will re-classify all returning swimmers as well as new swimmers during the first week to get our practice groups into a workable scenario.  I will send out the actual practice times in the near future but general times will probably look like this:  Mornings 7:30-9:45 AM & Evenings 7 – 9:30 PM..  Each practice group will have an assigned time within this timeframe. 


Meets will continue to be held on Wednesday evenings although they may look totally different.  It is possible they will be divided into several meets with specific age groups competing at different times.  Al this time, JSL has not made a decision on holding a Championship meet so we are still waiting on that information as well.


Registration fees will be $175 if postmarked (or received in person) by May 15.  After that, the fees will increase to $200 per swimmer.  In the event you register and then find that our schedule is not going to work for you this summer, we will refund all fees if decision is made by June 4.  I have attached our team registration form as well as our league registration form.  Forms & fees may be mailed to:  POGA, P O Box 1373, Louisa VA  23093.  I will also be available at the Betty Queen Center on May 13 from 6:30-7:30 PM to collect forms & fees.  We are unable to process credit card payments at this time so will need to receive payment in the form of cash or checks.  Please do NOT send cash…let me know and we can arrange to meet so you don’t have to mail cash (I will not be able to make change so please bring the correct amount).


As I stated in the earlier e-mail, some age groups may be limited in size so please try to get your registration completed asap.  I will hopefully have more information soon, thank you all for your patience and flexibility this summer!  Looking forward to seeing everyone at the pool, we will need name tags for the kids…I am sure they have all grown and have changed!  Let me know if you have any questions…hopefully I will have answers!  In the event your family will not be returning this summer, please let me know so I can remove you from the emails & texts.


See you soon!

Coach Debra

540 760-1464

Louisa Gators Swim Update from Coach Debra (5/6/20)

posted May 6, 2020, 9:12 AM by Louisa Gators Swim Team

Hello Gator Families!

I hope everyone is taking the opportunity to get reacquainted with and enjoy your family.  This is an opportunity which many of us have never had due to work, school & busy schedules.  Please use this time to create and strengthen family bonds which will last forever!

As many of you may know, JSL has cancelled the 2020 season.  This is very disappointing for us all but since we are from LOUISA we can handle this!  I am waiting to see what the decision will be regarding opening the LCAF this summer.  In the event the pool opens, we will attempt to hold some modified practices/clinics as well as change registration fees.  We do not have specific plans with regards to how this will look but we will keep you updated as decisions are made.

In the event you have already paid for your swimmers/sponsorships, you will receive a full refund.  If you paid by credit card, we will send you a check from POGA.  If you sent payment in by mail, I will return your check or shred it (let me know which you prefer!) as they are received. 

I will update you in the coming days as to plans.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions. Enjoy this time, stay strong & safe!

Coach Debra

Louisa Gators Summer 2020 Update

posted Apr 3, 2020, 6:35 AM by Louisa Gators Swim Team

Hello Gators,

I hope everyone is hanging in there with all the "social distancing" and schedule upheavals.  I know there are many disappointments about everything we are missing this spring and hopefully things will get better as time passes.   At this time, the Gators are continuing to plan for the summer as normal.  However, I am cancelling the sign-up meeting scheduled for Monday, 3/30.  

We have extended the Early Gator price of $175 until April 30.  This will allow families a little more time to get this together and hopefully allow us a better idea of summer plans.  I have attached a registration form and a sponsor letter in case you want to get started now.  Registration forms, sponsor forms and money should be sent to POGA, P O Box 1373, Louisa, 23093.  You can also sign up using a credit card at:

I will continue to keep you updated as events change.  It is our intention to continue on towards a summer season unless otherwise directed.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Note:  In the event we are unable to swim this summer, all registration money and sponsor money will be returned.

Debra Bickley
LCHS Swim & Dive - Varsity Coach
Louisa Gators Swim Team - Head Coach
540 760-1464

Louisa Gators Swim Team Information

posted Mar 11, 2020, 7:37 AM by Louisa Gators Swim Team

Hello Gators,

 I hope the warm weather is beginning to remind you all of summer and The Gators!  The deadline for the Early Gators Sign Ups is approaching quickly – March 31.  You can register and get the $175 per swimmer in several ways:

             Print forms from and mail to POGA

            Print attached registration form and mail to POGA

            Come to our first sign-up meeting on March 30 from 6-7:30 at the Betty Queen Center


Effective April 1, all registration fees will be $200 per swimmer.  There is no sibling discount this year.

If you would like to pay by credit card, please go to the following link:


I am also attaching our 2020 Sponsor letter.  Please pass this information onto any business which you and your family frequent!  A personal touch often helps with getting donations.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions!  See you soon!

Coach Debra

Debra Bickley
LCHS Swim & Dive - Varsity Coach
Louisa Gators Swim Team - Head Coach
540 760-1464

Louisa Gators Summer 2020 Information

posted Mar 4, 2020, 1:40 PM by Louisa Gators Swim Team

Happy New Year Gator Families,

I hope you all are having a safe and fantastic school year.  Although it is January, I wanted to let you have the important Gator Information for the summer of 2020.  Hopefully, this will help you plan and maybe use your tax refund to pay early and get the reduced price offered throughout the spring.

I have a few important dates for you – regardless of whether you are returning or are a new family.  I am also including information about our group text option and team store for swim apparel.

Registration Fee Information:

Early Gator Price         $175 per swimmer through 3/31

Gator Price                  $200 per swimmer beginning 4/1 (no sibling discount)

Prep Team                  $90 per swimmer, you will receive $70 credit when swimmer progresses to team – remaining fees will be $105 if                                         registered by 3/31, $130 beginning 4/1.  Additional fees will be due when swimmer transfers to the team.

Payment Plan              In the event you are registering multiple swimmers you may agree to a payment plan.  Monthly payments are                                             expected (amount to be determined based on total due). All fees should be paid by June 5, 2020.   

Registration Meeting Information:

I will hold two meetings during which you can come in, complete ALL the paperwork needed, get answers to questions and pay fees.  Note – you do NOT need to attend any/all meetings and may also choose to register by mail using the attached registration form.  Forms are also available on the Gator website.  (

March 30 – Betty Queen Center, 6:30-7:30 PM, registration meeting to handle all paperwork.  Registration fee is $175 thru 3/31

May 13 – Betty Queen Center, 6:30 – 7:30 PM, registration meeting to handle all paperwork.  Registration fee is $200.

All registrations received after 3/31 will require a $200 registration fee per swimmer.

Payment by debit/credit card

We are in the process of updating our ability to accept payments by debit/credit card.   In the event you would like to make payment in this manner, please send me an email with your contact information (email, phone & address) as well as your swimmer’s information (name, gender, date of birth).  I will then send you the link to our Square account.


Each swimmer is required to provide $100 towards our fundraising efforts each summer.  Our team pays for guards, coaching staff, awards, swimmer registration fees and other expense.  Registration fees only cover a portion of costs each summer.   I will be distributing the 2020 sponsor form within the next few weeks.  Upon receipt, please distribute this to any business which you frequent (let me know so we do not inundate the same business).  Any sponsorships which you acquire will be credited towards your account.  

In the event you do not wish to solicit a sponsor, you can pay the $100 outright or participate in our fundraising efforts this summer.  Previous efforts have included selling raffle tickets.

Swim Team Practice

Morning & Evening practice will begin on 5/26.  Schedules will be available at registration meetings.  Prep Team will meet evenings from 5/26-6/5.

Swim Team Opening Picnic

We will be celebrating the 2020 season with a family picnic on May 29 at the Louisa County Aquatic Facility from 7-9 PM.  All families are invited, please bring a side dish & dessert!  Pool will be open so get ready to be wet!  

Group Text Information (Remind Text)

If you have not signed up for our group text, please do so in the following manner:

Text to:  81010, message:  @louisa  I will receive a notification that you have joined our group.


If you would like to join our Facebook Group, please submit request at Louisa Gators Swim Team.

Team Store

This year all suits & apparel will be available at our team store with the exception of our 2020 team t-shirt.  The team store can be accessed at

Our team suits are purple & black with our team logo.  Females will have the choice of two different suits, one with thin straps & one with thick straps.  Males have the choice of either design in jammers.  Please check the sizing guide if you are unsure what size you need.  NOTE – the turnaround time for suits is 3 weeks or more…please order EARLY!  Our first meet will probably June 10.

In addition to suits, you will see a variety of shirts, sweats, warm-ups and other items with our logo.  Any items you order from the website will be shipped directly to your home!  

I will continue to send updates and information via email as we get closer to practice beginning.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  If you received this email and your swimmer(s) will not be returning this summer, let me know so that I can remove you from our email group.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Coach Debra

JSL Championship Webstore Info

posted Jul 20, 2019, 7:41 PM by Louisa Gators Swim Team

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I would like to announce that the 2019 Jefferson Swim League Webstore is now open and live for purchases.  Please spread the word to your coaches, parents and teams.  I would ask that Charlie Hall and Toby Korn post this information on all of JSL’s social media sites and website.

The JSL Webstore can be accessed by this link: or by clicking on the JSL banner on our homepage

  • The webstore will be open until 12:00pm on Thursday July 25th. 
  • During pre-sales items are only available for purchase online and will not be available in store or by phone or email. 
  • All items will be available for pick up on Friday and Saturday at the University of Virginia Aquatics and Fitness Center during JSL Champs hours.  There will be no items for pick up at Freestyle or shipping to alternate locations/addresses.
  • T-shirts are on sale for $15.00 and Heat Sheets/Highlighter combo for $14.  
  • Prices will increase at the event and be limited to stock on hand.  Pre-order to get your discount!
  • All but one size of T-shirt sold out in 2018 so pre-order to ensure you get yours!

Message from Coach Debra

posted Jul 20, 2019, 7:35 PM by Louisa Gators Swim Team

Hello Gators!


Congratulations on a great job last night…finishing the season 3-1!  Meet results are attached.  Thanks for your patience and hard work last night as we experienced quite a storm!


 A few updates on tomorrow!



We will have a fun (no workout) practice in the morning from 8:00-9:45 for all age groups.  This will be the last practice for those swimmers not competing in the JSL Champs meet next weekend. 



We are having our team picnic tomorrow night from 7-9:30.   Hopefully, the weather will be a bit more accommodating this time!  Please bring side dishes and desserts to share!  Also, drinks for your family!  The pool is open to everyone and it will be HOT, prepare to get wet!!  Ribbons from last night will be available (and those from earlier if you haven’t picked them up yet!)



As everyone knows, each swimmer is responsible for raising $100 per season.  We have raffle tickets available for you to pick up and sell.  The raffle has three chances to win per ticket and are $5 each or 5/$20.  All tickets must sold and returned to us by AUGUST 23, at our awards picnic.  If you are unable to attend, let me know and we will arrange to meet ahead of time.  All raffle ticket sold per swimmer will count towards their $100 requirement



We are selling bracelets at practices and through swimmers at $6 each.  If you would like to receive fundraising credit you must take the bracelets in increments of ten and pay in ADVANCE.  You will receive $2 credit per bracelet and will then keep the money as bracelets are sold.  Please see POGA Board Members to pick them up if interested.



We are in the process of establishing a ballot for the POGA board.  We are looking for parents who are willing to serve on the board as At-Large members.  This will entail monthly meetings in the fall (usually skipping holiday months) and then monthly Jan-May.  Meetings during season are scheduled in evenings during practice.  At-Large members are expected to attend meetings and assist with organizational things such as picnics and set up/clean up for swim meets.  Please let Colleen Moore know if you are interested (  Ballots will be set and voted on at JSL Champs meet.  If you are not coming to Champs but would like to vote, please let us know, we can send you a ballot.  This is a great way to have input on swim team events!



I need to know by NOON tomorrow if your swimmers are not competing in the Championship meet.  Please respond directly to me via email or text even if you have already signed the book or told someone!!  If I do not hear from you, I am expecting your child to swim!  Failure to do so means another swimmer in the league did NOT get to participate!  Thanks for your cooperation!!



I will be sending out a separate email with Champs Info and T-shirt/Heat sheat sale information.  NOTE – prices are cheaper if you order online than if purchased at CHAMPS so pre-order if possible!!


Coach Debra

Louisa Gators Champs Info

posted Jul 20, 2019, 7:31 PM by Louisa Gators Swim Team

Attached is the Parent's Memo for Champs,  This will answer a lot of questions.  Specific information on timelines and events will be given out by Tuesday.  We hope to hold a meeting at the picnic tomorrow night to talk about Champs.

Coach Debra

Update: 6/28/19

posted Jul 2, 2019, 7:34 AM by Louisa Gators Swim Team

Hello Gators,


I apologize for the multiple texts tonight, unfortunately I am limited to a certain number of letters per Remind Text!  We had a lot of important information to get out quickly.


Last night’s meet went well, the Louisa Gators barely beat Greene Hills.  Thanks to everyone who worked and those who were ready to work if needed!   I am attaching the meet results, we won by 18 points.  Please note, this pool was a meter pool and our pool is a yard pool therefore you cannot compare times without converting them.  Our swimmers got 66 time improvements and the swimmers will receive Time Improvement ribbons at the picnic tomorrow night.


Team Picnic

We are having our first team picnic tomorrow night (Friday, 6/28) from 7-9.  As I mentioned, the pool will be open for all family members and swimmers to enjoy.  Please bring a side dish and dessert to share as well as drinks for YOUR family.  We will be cooking hot dogs and have condiments, plates, utensils etc.  Ribbons will be distributed after dinner.


Team T-Shirts

If you have not picked up your team shirts, they are at the pool and we can give them to you at practice or the picnic.  If you purchased family shirts and have not paid, please due do so as soon as possible.


Team Picture

We will be taking our team picture at the picnic tomorrow, at approximately 7:15.  Please try to make it, this picture will be featured in the JSL Champs Meet Heat Sheet Book.  Wear/bring t-shirts, make sure you have your name in the shirt.



We are selling ads for the JSL Champs Meet Heat Sheet Book, Colleen Moore is coordinating our ads.  She will be at the picnic to show you examples of ads and take your information.  Payment can occur within the next two weeks.  You can purchase a $35 ad and include a picture of your child(ren) as well as a good luck message.  Your family will receive $18 towards your fundraising requirement.  April Pekary will be available directly after the team picture to take individual pics for your ads.  Larger ads are also available and companies are able to advertise as well.


Swim Meet at ELKS – July 2

We are signing up workers for the meet and will have the list available at the picnic.  The Elks team is small and we may need to provide extra workers so be sure to sign up.  Parents with younger swimmers will be given priority for the first half of the meet.


The deadline for letting me know if your family will NOT be attending the July 2 meet is tomorrow night.  I have looked in the notebook and know who has already signed up to be on vacation.  If you have NOT signed the book, please let me know directly.   I am required to put the meet together and submit it to our league several days in advance of the meet.  We will be swimming IM’s and Free Relays at this meet.  Free relays are a great chance for all swimmers to participate in a relay but it is important to realize that if your swimmer is in a relay and you do not attend the meet or leave early you are also potentially penalizing three other swimmers.   A great deal of time goes into the preparation of a meet as well as expenses for supplies.  We like to run a quick organized meet but when swimmers are missing or decide not to swim an event it makes things much more confusing.


Clerk of Course Area

We have completed two meets and it is time for our swimmers to learn to be independent.  It is important that swimmers remain in the Clerk area (usually noticeable because of the benches) once they have been called and given their cards.  We would like for parents to allow children to walk with the Gator Wranglers.  In the event it is necessary to accompany the child to the clerk area we ask parents leave their children once they have been delivered to the Clerks and return to the pool to be available at the end of the race.  It is helpful to remind younger swimmers to go to the bathroom before going to the Clerk area.   Our coaches and Clerks are accustomed to handling all potential problems to include:  help with goggles/caps, reminding swimmer of stroke, calming nerves and wiping tears!  Thank you for your assistance in teaching swimmers the meet process, we realize it is a learning experience for everyone!


As always, please let me know if you have questions.


Coach Debra 

Weekly Update: 6/25/2019

posted Jun 25, 2019, 7:50 PM by Louisa Gators Swim Team

Hello Gators,


We have an exciting week ahead…two away meets and a picnic!  Our meet tomorrow night is at Greene Hills Country Club (address & directions below).  Please arrive by 5 PM, our warm-ups are at 5:15.  The pool is located next to the clubhouse and surrounded by the golf course.  All swimmers/families should remain in the pool area and not wander into the club or on the golf course.  The meet begins at 6 PM.


June 26, Away Swim Meet

Greene Hills Country Club   3858 Dundee Rd, Stanardsville, 22973

Take Rt. 33 West from Louisa to Ruckersville. Continue to travel on Rt. 33 West for approximately 4 miles. Turn right at the first traffic light onto Rt. 33 Business. Travel on Rt. 33 Business for approximately 1½ miles. Just as you are going into Stanardsville, turn right onto Rt. 230 East (Madison Road). Follow this for 3 miles to Rt. 619 (Dundee Road) and turn right. The club entrance is 500 yards on the left.


The pool is an L-shaped pool with our team area located at the opposite end from the entrance, around the baby pool.  Please note:  the baby pool is CLOSED and will be off limits to everyone.  They have some deck furniture but you should bring chairs just in case.  This meet will feature the same format which includes Medley Relays & Long Free.


GHG has a create concession with Papa John’s pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, pasta salads, fruit salads, chips, drinks & sweet treats.  Be aware:  they do NOT accept cards…please bring CASH.


We still need quite a few meet workers:  6 first half timers, 7 second half timers, 2 Clerk of Course – both halves, Gator Wrangler – 2nd half, Table workers/sorters/checkers – 2 or 3 each half.  Please send me a text to sign up for tomorrow!


Team Picnic – June 28

We will have our first family team picnic on Friday, June 28 from 7-9 PM at the pool.  Everyone is welcome to swim!  We will provide hot dogs, condiments, plate & utensils.  Families should each bring a side dish and a dessert to share.  You should also bring drinks for your family.  As our team continues to grow, we may not have enough chairs for everyone so feel free to bring your own!  Swimmers will also receive their ribbons from the first two meets.


July 2 – Away Swim Meet

Elks Club  389 Elk Dr, Charlottesville, VA  22902

From the East of Charlottesville follow Rt. 250 West coming down Pantops Mountain and take a right at the first light onto Rt. 20 North. Go about 1 mile and turn left at the light onto Elk Drive (Elks sign is on left). Entrance to the parking lot is the first left and pool is to the left side of the main building.  We still have lots of worker positions open for this meet as well.  (Note – sign up sheets for meet workers are in the notebook on the front desk, feel free to sign up for the rest of the summer.)  This meet will feature IM’s and Free Relays.  More information will be provided as soon as it is received from the ELKS club.


Practice Schedule thru July 2

Wed, Jun 26    8:30-9:30 AM  Starts/Turns practice, team meeting and getting events

Thur, June 27   NO morning practice, regular evening practice

Fri, June 28   Regular morning practice


Mon, July 1     Normal morning & evening practice

Tues, July 2     8:30-9:30 AM   Starts/Turns practice, team meeting & getting events


NO PRACTICE  - July 3 – 5, we will resume normal practice times on Monday July 8.


As always, let me know if you have any questions or want to sign up for a worker position!

See you soon!


Coach Debra

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