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Weekly Update

posted Jun 17, 2019, 12:18 PM by Louisa Gators Swim Team

Hello Gator Families!


We are now beginning the meet portion of our swim season.  With the beginning of meets comes a few changes in the schedule and the way we operate.  Please take time to review the information included in this email so that you will not be caught off guard.


Schedule for June 10 – 14

Morning Practice – Monday 6/10, Tuesday 6/11 & Friday 6/14  

            7:30-8:30  Red/Green

            8:30-9:00  Blellow and Prep Group 1

            9:00-9:45  Yellow and Prep Group 2


            Wednesday – 6/12

            8:30 – 9:30      Starts & Turns practice and team meeting, all groups together


Evening Practice – Monday 6/10, Tuesday 6/11 & Thursday 6/13

            7:00-7:45  Yellow

            7:15-7:45  Prep Group 2

            7:45-8:15  Blellow & Prep Group 1

            8:15-9:45  Red/Green


Home Swim Meet – Wednesday, June 12

            Swimmers should arrive beginning at 4:45, our warm-ups will be 5:00-5:15.  Please set up our team area on the grass end of the pool area.  All persons who are scheduled to work the first half of the meet should arrive no later than 5:45.   The meet begins at 6:00.   Parking will be EXTREMELY tight…we ask that our families drop off their swimmers & belongings and then move cars down to the lots on either side of the Betty Queen Center.  Our theme for this meet will be Superheroes so break out your tights…and other “super” items!


Meet workers needed!

            Each family is required to work a minimum of one half of each swim meet.  If you haven’t signed up for a job yet, let me know!  Don’t worry if you don’t know what you are doing, we will train you!

Here are the links to online training videos for the meet worker positions below. Even if you have worked at your position before, please take the time to review the video. In the event the link does not work, please visit  The starter and stroke and turn positions require additional certification not included in the short video link.  See below for a new date scheduled for Stroke & Turn Judge training!

Awards - Takes less than 2 minutes to complete

Back-up Computer Checker  - Takes less than 3 minutes to complete

Clerk of Course  - Takes less than 10 minutes to complete

Computer Operator Assistant  - Takes less than 3 minutes to complete

Computer Operator  - Takes less than 3 minutes to complete (not a certification class)

False Start Rope  - Takes less than 3 minutes to complete

Head of Table  - Takes less than 3 minutes to complete

Meet Director  - Takes less than 8 minutes to complete (not a certification class)

Refreshments  - Takes less than 2 minutes to complete

Relay Take-off Judge  - Takes less than 2 minutes plus a 2 minute optional review video to complete

Runner  - Takes less than 2 minutes to complete

Sorter  - Takes less than 6 minutes to complete

Starter  - Takes less than 10 minutes to complete plus a 30 minute optional review video (not a certification class)

Stroke and Turn Judge  - Takes less than 8 minutes to complete plus 45 minutes of optional review videos (not a certification class)

Sweep Judge  - Takes less than 8 minutes to complete

Timer  - Takes less than 9 minutes to complete including video)

Stroke & Turn Clinic – we need a minimum of four parents trained!!

If you are interested in serving as a stroke and turn judge, a special in-person training is being held next Saturday morning. Please sign up or talk to Coach Debra about this opportunity!



LOCATION: BH-JSL Office at 2208 Dominion Dr - Charlottesville

Off of Rt 29N in the Berkeley Subdivision

DATE: Saturday, June 15th

TIME: 9:30AM

Anyone attending must notify Locke Boyer at


NEW Stroke-and-Turn Judges must take one of the live clinics AND the online course at  The online course should be completed BEFORE attending one of the clinics.

EXPERIENCED JSL CERTIFIED Stroke-and-Turn Judges, who served in that position in the previous season, may EITHER attend one of the live clinics OR successfully pass the test for the online course.

CERTIFIED USAS, high school, or YMCA Stroke-and-Turn Judges do NOT have to take either the clinic or the online course, but must supply your certification to Locke Boyer at

If you are taking the ONLINE COURSE, JSL will issue a prepaid key to you.  Contact Locke Boyer at and supply your name, email 

address, and team association.

Do NOT request a prepaid key unless you are 100% committed to serving as a Stroke-and-Turn Judge.  The keys cost JSL $23.00 which will be charged back to your team if you fail to successfully complete the online course or don’t serve as a Stroke-and-Turn Judge.  It is the expectation of the JSL Board that S&T Judges work at least the equivalent of 2 full meets (4 halves TO INCLUDE BOTH 1st & 2nd HALVES) after using a prepaid key.


All Stroke-and-Turn Judges and Starters should review the JSL procedures for these positions before serving.  There are now very easy online review courses found on under "Training".  

These direct links may be used: Stroke-&-Turn Judge and Starter.  These are only review courses and are NOT a substitute for the requirements above.

Questions may be addressed to Locke at or (434) 882-0340.


Jefferson Swim League

If you are a new family, the Jefferson Swim League website has a wealth of information including handbooks for parents and swimmers.   Please check it out at


Team Pictures

We will be taking our team picture on Wednesday, June 12 at 5:15.  All swimmers including Prep team should plan on being at the pool for the picture.  This picture will be featured in our team section of the JSL Championship Heat Sheet Book and also given to our sponsors.  We hope that our team shirts will be in to wear for the picture!   If shirts come in, please be prepared to write your swimmer’s name in the shirt…they all look alike when they show up in lost & found!


Louisa Gators Night at Frostie’s Rail Stop

We will be celebrating Gator Night at Frostie’s Rail Stop on Wednesday, June 19 from 6-8 PM.  This is the night we have a bye and no practice so it is a great opportunity to still get together!  Frosties will be offering special Gator Ice Cream in support of our team.  There will be a tentative sign up sheet at the front counter – this is just to give them an idea of how much ice cream and staff they will need.  You will not be penalized if you end up not able to go or if you go and didn’t sign up!  Please come out wearing your Purple & Green to support both the Gators and one of our sponsors – Frosties!


See you at the pool!

Coach Debra