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New Fundraising Opportunity!

posted Mar 18, 2015, 5:44 AM by Louisa Gators Swim Team
Hi everyone,

I wanted to bring your attention to another fundraising opportunity for you that I promise YOU WILL LOVE!  We are selling Charlottesville ($25) and Fredericksburg ($25) Attraction books packed with valuable coupons.  Highlights that I have already used:  B1G1 Free at IHOP, Waffle House, $30 worth of Food Lion coupons, and 1/2 off my car inspection!  I'm already way ahead :)

Your purchase will contribute $10 towards your fundraising obligation, and if we sell 100+ books, that goes up to $12.50.  You may also forward the link to friends and family, but make sure to let me or Debra know if someone buys one from your referral so we can credit that amount to your account!  Should you need to put in a CODE, it is "louisagators."  They offer books in a lot of places, and we are free to sell those as well through the link.

THESE BOOKS SELL THEMSELVES!  If you want to see one or keep one to sell to your friends, let me know.