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Meet Director Message (Meet Help Sign-ups)

posted Jun 23, 2015, 6:40 PM by Louisa Gators Swim Team
Shockingly, I wake up this morning to a plethora of empty meet slots.  I am chalking it up to folks torn between 2 of their favorite jobs and sweating over it until the last minute.  Or perhaps me not sending a weekend email reminder is a culprit.  Either way, you need to decide!  It's crunch time!  Bite the bullet and do something outside of your comfort zone!  Or you can wait for me to assign you a job when you show up to the meet!  Your choice :)   If you have older kids swimming, please choose a second half job so folks with littles can get out early to put them to bed.  You end up staying maybe 15 minutes longer to finish the meet, especially if your kid is in a relay you will already be there.

Sportsmanship reminder: part of our weekly "grade" by the other team is availability and conduct of volunteers.  Please, let's kill them with kindness so we can bring that Sportsmanship Award back to the Swamp!  

Cool jobs available:
Head Timer: stand behind the timers, start 2 watches when the horn goes off, give 1 to a timer if his/her watch fails.  Easy enough.
Sweep Judge: I had a cancellation, and 2 are open for this coveted, pool side, SEATED job!
Sorter: seated job! Put cards is time order.  Seriously cool job for those who like order.
Checker:  same kind of deal as above, but verifying times.
Award ribbons:  get a beat on which ribbon your kid gets!  Simple peel and stick, seated, and quite fun to see all those reds and blues come in for our team.
Refreshments:  NOT CONCESSIONS! Walk around water, M&Ms, and grapes towards the middle of the halves to timers, clerks, coaches, anyone who appears to be sweating and working.  Super easy.
Runners:  Taking cards from kids and running them to other end timers on 25s and then to Head Table afterwards.  Simple and fast paced (read: meet goes by faster).
Gator Wrangler: By far the job I like the best!  Ask the Clerk what event they are calling, go call that number, tell them to go to the Clerk.  You may have to find certain kids, which is a great way to get to know them.  Do it once, and you will be hooked. 
50/50 Raffle Tickets: I have lost my main guy on this, and I am sad.  Who can step up to walk around and say "50/50 Raffle" to both teams?
Heat Sheets Sales:  Probably the easiest job out there, and you only have to do it pre-meet and a little into the first as stragglers come in.

Please choose and get it in below so I can sleep tonight!