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Meet Director Message (JSL Ads)

posted Jun 23, 2015, 6:34 PM by Louisa Gators Swim Team
I figured I would hit you all up in 1 day rather than string'em out!

I grew up doing dance recitals.  I liked it, but ultimately they were torture for everyone.  The ONE thing I looked for was a "Congratulations to our Daughter, Rhonda" ad in the recital book.  It wasn't there.  But stinkin' Wendy had a full page ad WITH a picture.  Man, I wanted that ad and was ticked I got zilch.

Don't be an anti-ad mom!  Put an ad in the JSL book/heat sheet.  If you haven't seen it before, it's huge and is seen by a ton of people at the Championships at UVA.  Most importantly, Little Johnny will thumb through, see a cute message just for him, and will not be writing bitter emails to parents later in life.

Things you can say:
1.  Congratulations Johnny, we love you!
2.  Watch out Michael Phelps, Little Johnny's on deck.
3.  Little Johnny you light up my life. Love, (some random girl's name, that will keep him guessing)
4.  Congratulations on swim team LJ, school starts in 5 days.
5.  LJ, mom and I bought this ad because the Meet Director guilted us into it.

1 x 3.5": $15
business card sized: $35
1/4 page: $55
1/2 page: $100

BEST PART:  The Gators get 40% of the revenue, and that will count towards your fundraising obligation!  

If you have any questions, see me, Debra or anyone else who looks to be official at the pool.  There is a quick signup at the front desk with little boxes to write in your message.  Regardless of what size you choose, we will set it up for you.