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First Meet Details

posted Jun 10, 2018, 8:41 PM by Louisa Gators Swim Team
Hello Gators!
I hope everyone has enjoyed a fun, safe weekend!  We are back at practice tomorrow morning and have our first swim meet on Wednesday!  Our theme for this week’s meet is SUPERHEROES…so parents/swimmers should come dressed as your favorite superhero!  Please do NOT use body paint!  Superhero’s with weapons may be asked to turn in their weapon at the front desk to avoid sword /light sabor fights!
Practice schedule for the week:
MondayTuesdayFriday Morning
7:30-8:30 AM          Red/Green
8:30-9:00 AM          Blellow
9:00-9:45 AM          Yellow
Wednesday Morning
8:30-9:45 AM          ALL swimmers practice & have team meeting
Thursday Morning
MondayTuesdayThursday Evening
7:00-7:45 PM          Yellow
7:45-8:15 PM          Blellow
8:15-9:45 PM          Red/Green
Wednesday – HOME SWIM MEET vs Key West Club
Swimmers should arrive beginning at 4:45 PM, our warm-ups start at 5:00 PM.  The actual meet begins at 6:00 PM. Please do not bring outside food or drink into the pool until 5:00 PM.  LCPRT will be providing concessions during our meet.  I hope to send out a menu in the next day or so.  You need to allow time to park, walk in and let your swimmer get events written on their hand prior to our warm-ups.
It is very probable that some of our new and/or younger swimmers may not be entered into this meet.  If they are not swimming the length of the pool without minimal assistance, we will not enter them this week.
Our swimmers & families should sit on the grass end of the pool…please do NOT go to the other end!  The shallow end is reserved for the Key West Team.
This first meet is a non-scored meet against a Tier 2 team.  The purpose of this meet is to give swimmers and parents a chance to participate in a meet without the stress of scoring points for the team.
Sharpee / Permanent Markers
The coaches will be writing on each swimmer’s left hand the events for that swimmer at the meet.  PLEASE DO NOT write on any other body part…we have found that the ink comes off onto the lawn chairs and cannot be easily removed.  It is important to control the markers!  Please help us by keeping an eye out for them at all times.
There will be a LOT of people & cars at this meet.  We ask that our team come up to the pool, drop off passengers & stuff and then move your car to the Betty Queen Center.  There are two parking lots at the BQC…you can access them by going around either side of the building.  One is the lot you drive through on the way to the pool.
Family Items & Stuff
Please keep all of your belongings together…in the event of thunder/lightning we need to clear the deck within 2 minutes.  Form the habit of keeping items in a bag which can be easily grabbed.  Plan on bringing folding chairs…there will NOT be enough at the pool for everyone.
Team Suits
I know many of you have ordered suits from our online store and may not have received them at this time.  It takes longer for logo items to be processed.  Do not stress over this, have your swimmer wear what they wear for practice. Boys will not be allowed to swim in a shirt unless there is a medical reason (bring a note).
Meet Workers
Our Meet Director Tracy Eppard has sent out an email earlier today with a link to Sign-up Genius.  We are going to try this for one meet to see how it goes.  Please click on the link and sign up to be a worker.  Remember, every family must work at least ½ of each meet.  If you have questions or problems, please text Tracy at 434 466-2608. 
Next Week’s Meet
Our theme for next week’s meet on Wednesday, June 20 will be a LUAU!  Get your costume ready!!
Below I have copied a general overview of the way our meets work.  This should give you a slight idea as to how it will be!  As always, if you have questions or concerns feel free to contact me!
Coach Debra
540 760-1464
General Overview of a Swim Meet!
 It is a HAPPENING!  
            Please be prepared for large crowds, confusion and lots of noise.  Swimmers and families are expected to remain in our team area (the grass at our pool) and/or poolside cheering for our swimmers.  We have practiced cheering during our practice time…but it does get loud and sometimes intimidating for younger swimmers.  Please get to the pool fifteen minutes prior to our warm up time in order to allow swimmers time to go to the bathroom, get writing on hands, and relax.  Swimmers may arrive at our pool beginning at 4:45…however, no outside food, drinks or coolers will be allowed until 5 PM.
Meet Workers
            All families are expected to work at least ½ of each meet.  We try to let those with younger swimmers work the first half so they can leave early if possible.  Please dress in comfortable clothing and shoes that can get wet.  Ladies avoid wearing white shirts as these can become see thru in the event of rain or splashing (which happens frequently)!
            Unfortunately, storms happen frequently during swim meets.  Please attempt to keep all belongings together so that you can grab them quickly.  We need to clear the deck within two minutes if possible, the deck will remain cleared for thirty minutes each time we have lightning/thunder.  Usually, meets are not cancelled but simply delayed.  Please go to your cars and wait until we tell you it is ok to leave.
Leaving a meet
            ALL swimmers MUST check in with Coach Debra prior to leaving each meet.  This will help us avoid jeopardizing relays and swimmers missing events.
            Our league has 80 possible events, only 60 of which are used on any given meet night.  Attached are event orders for each format which we will swim (excluding our practice meet).  Swimmers will only swim against their age group unless placed into a different age relay.  Boy events end in odd numbers, girl events end in even numbers.  Then each type of event is broken down into stroke type and age groups.  For example: 
            6 & Under                same event numbers plus a P   ** no points awarded
            8 & Under                Boys end in 1’s        Girls end in 2’s
            9-10 Year Olds         Boys end in 3’s        Girls end in 4’s
            11-12 Year Olds      Boys end in 5’s        Girls end in 6’s
            13-14 Year Olds      Boys end in 7’s        Girls end in 8’s
            15-18 Year Olds      Boys end in 9’s        Girls end in 0’s
The order of events is:
            Individual Medley (no 8 & Under events)
            Medley Relays
            Long Free
            Freestyle Relays
·                    Note - when Individual Medleys are swum, we will do Freestyle Relays, when Medley Relays are swum we will swim Long Free
Events will be posted throughout our area so that swimmers and families may see what they are scheduled to swim. In general, meets are set up on Fridays by the coaches…swimmers rarely get to pick events.  Sometimes swimmers are entered into events which they are “almost” ready for as progress can be made each day.  It is possible that the swimmer & coaches may decide to not swim a particular event.  HOWEVER, swimmers DO NOT get to make this decision…they must come talk to Coach Debra.
Relays - are a team of four swimmers.  It is extremely important that swimmers not leave early because this may jeopardize a relay team.  Freestyle relays are the relays that most swimmers are able to swim in…and they occur at the end of the meet.  Please be respectful of other relay team members…if your child leaves that will also affect three other swimmers.
Number of Events
During all meets (except the first one) swimmers may swim three individual events and one relay.  At the first meet and the JSL Championship meet, swimmers may do a total of 3 events (including relays).  All swimmers who compete in at least two regular meets are eligible to swim in the Championship meet!
Event Sheets
We will have event sheets for each meet.  This will list (by age group and sex) what each swimmer is entered into for the meet.  In addition, we will mark on the LEFT hand of each swimmer their events using a Black Permanent Marker. Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the way we mark hands in the event you end up taking care of this for us.  The first line of the chart is the event number (specific to age and sex).  The second line tells you what stroke and the third line tells the distance.  When it is a relay, each swimmer only swims ¼ of the total distance.  Relay teams are established using letters and numbers.  The swimmers will swim in the order listed…A1, A2, A3 and A4.  When it is the Medley Relay, it will list A-Free, A-Back, A-Breast and A-Fly.  Occasionally, swimmers will be moved up an age group in order to form relay teams and give each swimmer an opportunity to be on a relay team.  When that occurs, there will be a different event number in the box such as…75-B-2.  This means the swimmer will be swimming in the 11-12 Boys B Free Relay team in the second position.